Patriotism, Professionalism, Honesty and Dignity, Integrity, Team Spirit, Accountability, Efficiency, Excellence, Courtesy, Discipline, Commitment


  • To promote and protect Kenya’s image and National Interests.
  • To conduct diplomatic relations
  • To conduct consular duties
  • To engage in official communications
  • To promote Kenya’s economic diplomacy
  • To participate in events, conferences, workshops and collective diplomacy
  • To provide protocol services to official Kenyan delegations
  • To promote Kenya’s values and cultures
  • To engage other foreign Missions, international and regional organizations on matters relating to Kenya’s Foreign Policy
  • To facilitate the participation of Kenyans in Diaspora towards Kenya’s socio-economic development


  • The Government of Kenya
  • Ministries of Foreign Affairs in the countries of accreditation
  • Kenyans residing and visiting the countries of accreditation
  • Citizens and residents of the countries of accreditation
  • Other diplomatic Missions and International Organizations in the countries of accreditation
  • The Business Community in the countries of accreditation
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